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Much like interior painting, exterior painting projects require as much protection of the home. Protective drop sheets used on plants, walkways, roofs and stonework add to a perfect painting experience.
We wash all exterior projects before preparation begins to rid the house of mold and dirt buildup. Once we are clean and dry the preparation can begin.
We are well versed in the dangers of lead paint disruption. All our employees have been schooled on its removal, collection and disposal. We discuss with the homeowner if children or women of child bearing age will be present. We proceed with caution based on government rules and regulations.

Our Employees

At Hanna Brothers Painting, Our employees are all master climbers and we make safety our number one rule. If high reach equipment is needed for additional safety, we will furnish this equipment. Today's preparation techniques also include the usage of specialty tools to assist in cleaning surfaces of alligatoring and blistering paint. Their usage not only makes our lives simpler but makes your job look perfect!


Priming of all scraped and prepared surfaces aid in the adhesion of the finish coats. We use Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams top of the line materials to complete our jobs. We will not settle for the use of inferior materials. Please click here to visit our Design Center for color Ideas.


Shutters are to be removed from the house for painting. If the homeowner has a weather protected spot for shutter prep and paint we will utilize the space. If that is not an option we will take the shutters to our Horsham, PA facility. Please click here to visit our Design Center and view our link to Timerlane Shutters.
Once the house painting has been completed we begin our clean up. No remnants of chips or debris will be left behind, only a beautifully painted home for you to enjoy for many years!
Breathe life into your outdated decor with the interior and exterior painting services from our painting professionals. Contact us at (215) 643-6095 today for an evaluation to get started.